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PRISM Brain Mapping is the only scientifically validated neuroscience based behaviour profiling system.

Together, through our programs we can help you define your leadership and organisation mindset.

We can equip your people with the insight, the pathway and the tangible tools to transform habitual patterns of behaviour and experience a shared organisation growth mindset.

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Does PRISM Make a difference?

As a change Leader for large organisations on high profile complex programs. PRISM fast became the secret weapon in my toolkit. The profiling enables an effective way of completing stakeholder analysis and engagement strategies that are truly specific and gains buy in quickly, reduces resistance and contributes to the success of the overall change. Every stage of change I apply PRISM: developing change transition plans, recruiting change champions and facilitating group workshops. PRISM is the foundation tool for all of my change activities and as a result have been able to provide targeted approaches that enable the success of the change. Tracey Willett

GM Strategy Execution, Telstra

I have utilised PRISM Brain Mapping for over 500 senior executives from organisations such as Westpac, Transport and Main Roads, Melbourne Water and BP to develop their personal and professional leadership skills. The accuracy level has been described as “incredible and thorough”, the 360 report “enlightening” and it is an effective support for agility and change coaching towards high performance cultures. Leadership teams have also benefited from being able to capitalise on the strengths within the team and build areas needing attention. I would highly recommend PRISM to everyone! Kristen Hansen

CEO, Enhansen Performance

PRISM Brain Mapping provides the insight for people to make better choices about what is going on in the present moment. It also helps them to re-frame what is going on and to refocus their attention to achieve better outcomes. PRISM interfaces well with mindfulness. We know that mindful awareness changes the brain. Jeffrey Schwartz

Research Psychologist, UCLA

My clients find that PRISM Brain Mapping is an easy to understand profiling tool that allows me to quickly take them much deeper in their self-awareness journey. But it is so much more than a profiling tool, and is a foundational part of virtually every program that I now run. Michelle Loch

CEO, Michelle Loch

You can achieve performance excellence in every fact of your business

I can change my brain

I can apply it to my work

We can achieve better outcomes

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